Spenserian Stanzas

Covidian Cogitations

By John Lewis Smith

This section is currently under construction, as at 05 Oct 2020
Some background, by way of introduction to the Covidian stanzas

The latest Cormoran Strike novel #5 is called Troubled Blood. It is written by J.K.Rowling using the pseudonym, Robert Galbraith.
Each chapter has its own epigraph. There are over 70 chapters and all the epigraphs are taken from Edmund Spencer's The Faerie Queene.
I read the first book of Spencer's epic poem. There are six books, each divided into 12 cantos. Each cantos is filled with verses written as Spenserian stanzas.
Each stanza has 9 lines. The first 8 lines are written as iambic pentameters. The 9th line has an extra foot and is an iambic hexameter.
The rhyme pattern is always the same: ABAB BCBC C
I recently decided to write a Spenserian stanza each day, on the topic of the Covid-19 pandemic.
I managed this for over a week. However, it seemed to take up too much time for me to think of writing an epic poem in the tradition of Spencer (his epic contains over 1000 verses!)
At that point, I was about to abandon the idea altogether, but then decided to leave the matter open-ended. I shall add extra verses as and when I feel in the mood :)

Because laptop screens and computer monitors are generally better suited to a landscape orientation, I was tempted to arrange my verses in columns of three.
However, smart phone screens are better suited to single column in portrait orientation for the verses.
I have therefore decided to go with that format. I can always review it at some point in the future, either switching the orientation or providing viewers with a choice between the two.

Of course it would be much more sensible to do this by word processor in my blog.
But being sensible seems highly over-rated in these times of pandemic ~ apart from distancing, wearing face masks and washing hands, of course!

If you like the verses, or have positive/encouraging feedback by all means email me at john@lewismusic.co.uk
I get quite a lot of spam, so if I know you through Second Life or 3RG - please say your Avatar's name.
And please put Spenser or Stanza in the email title so I can see it is genuine.
Obviously, this is likely to appeal to a rather small niche market, as it were. So, if you don't like it, I don't need to know - just click and move on.

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