Spit and Polish

Growing up in the 1940s (well, mainly the 1950s, I suppose) I can remember brushing black leather shoes as a regular chore. It was rather like making the bed, before duvets hit the UK. Or raking out the ash from the previous night's coal fire in the winter and setting a new one. I don't think any of these things happen much nowadays. They certainly don't in my house. In fact I can't ever remember my daughter cleaning her shoes or trainers. I still do clean my shoes from time to time and I feel that it is almost a deviant activity. Something to be done furtively perhaps? I don't dislike the ritual: I spread some newspaper over a surface in the conservatory or garage and brush away contentedly enough, especially if I can find a bit of jazz on the radio to listen to while I do it.

I wrote this song in October, 1988. It was intended to have a feel-good chorus that people could sing along with. It is very much within the folk music tradition. However, when I was writing it I felt a bit mischievous and so I twisted a couple of the verses in the direction of fetishism. The chorus is not too demanding lyric-wise:

Brush brush brushy brush
Spit spit spitty spit
Pol, Pol, polly-pol polish
Pol, Pol, polly-pol polish
Of course, it helps to have had the benefit of a university education if you want to write a lyric like that.

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