Plastic Rose

This is song is complete nonsense and I wrote it in October 1988. It describes a man who wore a plastic rose, its stem sticking up his nose. He also wears a funny hat made out of an old tin can. In one verse he travels on a double decker bus. In the end, he dies while trying to blow his nose and falls into a hearse. In case you harbour any notion that there may be some merit in the lyric, I shall present you with Verse 3 by way of illustration and that should sort that out:
He wore a funny hat
It was an old tin can
A most peculiar man
In love with his pet rat
And every time the rat ran up his nose
It chewed the petals off his plastic rose
He wore a funny hat
He loved his litte rat
And a troupe of termites lived between his toes
One of the few positive things I can say about this song is that it has quite an unusual rhyme scheme. The nine line stanza takes the following rhyme form:
And the first and fourth lines return in the seventh and eighth.

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