My Jelly Mould

I wrote this song circa 1992 and it is a blues of the quotidian kind. The idea came as I was pottering about on my own in the kitchen one day. I think I was feeling a bit fed up at the time. I suddenly saw a green plastic jelly mould we have, in the shape of a rabbit (I think in North America the term is 'jello'). And the hook of the song hit me between the eyes; I knew I had the last line to the verse and it would be the last line of every verse. Indeed, I knew that before I had written any of the verses and before I had decided upon the structure of the verse. The line seemed so brilliant to me, I knew that I would be forced to create a song around it or eat Brussels sprouts on toast for every meal for the rest of my life. Here is the first verse with that inspirational concluding line, in all its glory:
Life is a party, life is fun
All I want is the California sun
I just hate liver, broad beans too
The smell of kidneys, it makes me feel blue
And I'd talk to my rabbit if it wasn't just a jelly mould
There is nothing else I wish to say on this topic.

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