Fried eggs for breakfast

I wrote this song in June 1979 and it probably isn't the sort of song I'd be writing right now, nearly 25 years later! It concerns the tentative negotiations that a couple might make when working out whether or not to go to bed together. I was particularly keen to document the uncertainties surrounding such a decision and event from the male perspective. I hasten to add that I doubt this would be a true description for all heterosexual men, and especially not for the stereotypically masculine or macho.

Be that as it may, I had lots of fun writing this song. I decided to take the pressure off the mildly precious psychological decision-making factors that the song takes into account by writing a chorus which simply describes having a full English breakfast in bed:

And there's always breakfast in bed
We can have fried eggs and some bacon
Coffee toast and home-made marmalade
The idea was to provide a degree of reassurance should things not work out too well between the sheets; breakfast-in-bed being such a joy, as to transcend the disappointment of sexual incompatibility.

The song subjects its topic to a very light-hearted treatment. I designed the music to deliberately contrast with pop or rock genres and chose a finger-style guitar accompaniment that has a classical feel to it.

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