The Blob

Another complete piece of nonsense which I wrote in 1990. The story in the song is about an astronaut called Ermyntrude who kisses her lover, The Major, goodbye and goes up in a space rocket. It ends ambiguously and we are not sure whether the rocket fails or whether she is actually leaving our solar system for good. Oh, dear. I suppose I'd better give you the chorus:
When the blob gets so big it explodes
I don't want to be underneath
When the sun sits on top of your nose
I'll try not to grind my teeth
The song also contains arguably the worst verse I have ever written in my entire life! Here it is:
And what of the blue willow pattern
That makes her tea pot so naff
Is it true that she's taking it with her
To the inter-galactic cafe
There! It makes not a jot of sense, does it? I don't know why but I quite enjoy playing it.

ISRC = GBGHU0300021

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