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Modulating Through The Life Space:

A Sonnet of Sonnets, by John Lewis Smith

Sonnet #15: Intimations of Mortality

There’s much to do before the funeral pyre.
A myriad of songs to write and sing
Receptiveness to all that might inspire
Inventiveness and fresh awakening.
More time to think, more time to read and chat
To she who must be mentioned not at all.
More time to eat and get a little fat
In quieter ways, to learn to have a ball.
The intimations of a finite span
Are signalled more intensely than before.
Let’s say it may be four score years and ten,
Let’s hope it won’t be in a time of war.
At boarding school it helped, for goodness’ sake,
To treat life’s hardships as a piece of cake.

9th April 2007

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