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Modulating Through The Life Space:

A Sonnet of Sonnets, by John Lewis Smith

Sonnet #11: Alice Street in Sunderland

Back then they still built ships upon the Wear
And hewed the coal in mines throughout the North.
With confidence, I started my career
And from the lectern happily held forth.
My house in Alice Street became a place
For friends to meet. I also played guitar
And wrote a lot of songs. In fact the pace
Of life was fast. At last I bought a car.
Despite this betterment, I was annoyed.
Both cheerlessness and dolefulness were rife.
Beneath the surface there remained a void.
I had to find someone to share my life.
Then she who must be mentioned not at all
Enriched my world in matters great and small.

9th April 2007

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