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Modulating Through The Life Space:

A Sonnet of Sonnets, by John Lewis Smith

Sonnet #08: Love, Marriage, Horse, Divorce

The marriage vows, the death of my great aunt
Propel me to the thought of years ahead.
We’re fashionably in tune with Mary Quant
The centre of our world: a big brass bed.
The purple ceilings and the orange walls,
They seemed so fresh and daring at the time.
Her mini-skirts and the flowery shawls
For me, a cheese-cloth shirt; it felt sublime.
The flat became the palace of our dreams
The stage on which the fairy tale would play
But then the script showed tension at the seams
She couldn’t stay, not for another day.
Her infidelity had set the course
Her actions led the way to our divorce.

28th March 2007

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