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Modulating Through The Life Space:

A Sonnet of Sonnets, by John Lewis Smith

Sonnet #03: Infants

A world of ration books and Craven ‘A’
My grandma’s sweetshop; what a treasure trove.
A bloody nose at school on my first day
I liked the little girl across the road.
To play out in the garden was so good
My friend and I would climb the apple trees
And build a boat or fort from bits of wood
Then back for tea with grazes on our knees.
Sometimes we went to play in Christchurch park
We fed the ducks with pieces of stale bread.
Mum took me there for fireworks after dark
We watched the rockets bursting overhead.
These pleasures always muted by the fate
Of knowing there’d be boarding school at eight.

18th March 2007

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