Featuring the poetry of John Lewis Smith

Modulating Through The Life Space:

A Sonnet of Sonnets, by John Lewis Smith

Sonnet #01: Autobiographical shards

I’m bored in pushchair; mummy talks with friends
A world of ration books and Craven ‘A’
Term ends, the steam train takes me home again
The naming of the parts took place today
The smell from the sulphuric acid plant
The bank, the safe, the combination lock
The marriage vows, the death of my great aunt
Psychology undoes my mental knot
Postgrad and lost in mist on Kinder Scout
Back then, they still built ships upon the Wear
At last a father, time for change no doubt
I write my books to further my career
It feels like time to stop, so I retire;
There’s much to do before the funeral pyre.

11th March 2007

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