Featuring the poetry of Karen Dennison

I extend you

Trapped in the dark,
with your shiny harem;
I can’t breathe in here.

I catch glimpses of you,
when you take one out;
I know you’re there

Why do you always
use them, not me?
I know I can cut it.

Let me cut it for you.
I have that edge
you’re after. You know

I’m sharp and sleek.
Put your fingers in me —
I will open for you.

You and I, we’re a perfect
fit. I complete you,
I extend you. You know it.

Why not take me out, use
me, then hang me up
like flesh on a hook.

I won’t hurt you. Do you
want me to? Your blood
looks good on me.

Open up to me and I’ll
open up to you. I’m
nothing without you.

I could even kill
for you, if you’d just
hold me like you used to.

You own me, you wield
me. Do what you want
with me; just don’t leave me.

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I am old, alone,
worn and shrunk. My lining,

sterile, is torn,
washed-out, dried, hung-up.

My seed fell, and fell
on desolate soil. The ‘O’

of my mouth spells
sorrow. I am stretched yet

never taut.
The darkness inside me

has come