Featuring the poetry of Fay Smith (no relation to John Smith)


I’ve so much to do and so little time...
Yet the kettle’s just boiled
And the weather’s quite nice
So I’ll sit for a while
10 minutes will suffice.

I’ve a report to write and a deadline to meet...
But the ironing is there
And the dishes are dirty.
I’ll just do these chores
Then I’ll sit down with QWERTY.

I hate my keyboard! Damned siren-like lure
It allows me to skive (while not doing a thing).
It looks like I’m working
But really I’m surfing
Deep down inside I know I shouldn’t be shirking.

It’s 3pm now and I’ve succeeded in zilch...
But I’ve eaten 7 biscuits,
And watched shadows move across the lawn,
And accepted 2 parcels for neighbours not in,
Washed dishes, washed clothes, ironed and dusted,
And Googled ’Online crosswords’ to see if they existed.
What’s the point in starting now, I’d only get a bit done
Time for a well-earned nap and a cup of tea with Countdown.

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Staple angst

Whilst refilling my Niceday stapler
I felt an emptiness within.
What goes in just comes back out again
Often swiftly to the bin.

In its dark cool metal chamber,
Inching forward punch by punch,
Will the staple puncture 20 sheets,
Or fail to make the crunch?