The Sticky Toffee Brain-Dump Podcast

There will be a shelf-space of approximately ONE year for the podcasts listed on this page (due to the storage limitations of this website)
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Ref Date (audio link) Brief Description
001 16 May 2020 Mid-way into the Corvid-19 full lock-down (England)
002 01 July 2020 4 minute timer, Coffee, Spectacles, Vacuuming, Emptying and re-assembling Dust Cylendars
003 04 July 2020 Impoliteness, Escape, Heath Robinsonesque Autocue
004 10 July 2020 Broken Printer, Hair Blocks Bath Outflow Pipe,Audacity, Overstep the Mark, Secular Grail, PVB Project Progress
004 18 July 2020 Hairdressers, Making Plaits,Repeating Previous Snippets, Family Hair Salon, Curly Perm

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