Passionate Abrasions by John Lewis SMITH (2016) - Published by Lewis Music

When university psychologist Harold Hake learns that he is likely to be made redundant he goes to the supermarket to buy some wine, with the intention of getting drunk that afternoon. There he meets the delightful Ms Julia Rivers. She takes pity on him and invites him back to her house to drink the wine. Once bottles are opened, one thing leads to another and a highly passionate interlude takes place.

Later, back home, Harold is changing his shirt prior to meeting up with his friend Trevor in the Cracked Bell pub. Unfortunately, Harold's wife Veronica, searching for a lost pair of socks, pops into the bedroom precisely at this moment. She notices the scratches on Harold's back. This leads to a very nasty altercation, the outcome of which involves Harold being physically kicked out of the house. Thus starts the first day of Harold's new life.

Broke and homeless, Harold begs Julia to give him a roof over his head. This she agrees to do, but in lieu of rent she makes him pay for his keep by doing the cooking and cleaning. In fact, he becomes her general factotum. Their sexual relationship continues to blossom within the framework of their somewhat asymmetric roles, while Harold attempts to pick up what work he can wherever possible. As the story unfolds, you will also meet some of Harold's lovely friends.

Cover design and illustration by John Lewis SMITH

  • Smith John L. (2016) Passionate Abrasions. Published by Lewis Music ISBN: 978-0993311116 Follow this link to Amazon to order the paperback.
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