The Hexington Hex by John Lewis SMITH (2014) - Published by Lewis Music

Craig Melcheter discovers a mysterious hexagon-shaped brooch while out walking in the Hexington forrest. It turns out to be related to the secret cult of the Hexington Hex community. Members live in colour coded cloisters. The female cloisters are the primary colours of Yellow, Blue, and Red. The male cloisters are that of the secondary colours Green, Purple, and Orange. It is the women who are superior in terms of power and status in this community. Craig is captured 'trespassing' and undergoes a strange induction process into the community. The beautiful Hex-Nurse Yellow (Tilly Levington) acts as his trainer and mentor. He is given leave to put his affairs in order and returns home to do just that. While back at his home he is contacted by Helen, an attractive former colleague of his at the university where they both taught psychology. Her husband has left her and the outcome of tea, biscuits and catharsis is a trip upstairs to the bedroom where they both enjoy themselves enormously. This leads to a short break in a hotel in London in the Bloomsbury district. More fun and frolicks. However, once back home, Craig is taken back to the Hex community by the wonderful Tilly Levington and they begin to fall in love, despite the dangers that brings with it in the context of the sometimes sinister world of the Hexington Hex. Will they survive or will they spend their days languishing apart, in the dark deep dungeons of Hex?

Cover design and illustration by John Lewis SMITH

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