John's Sketches, Cartoons, and caricatures

The Bagel of the North Something for the agnostics
Trump and the eye of a needle Some needle
Effie: the pole-dancing shrimp Give a shrimp a pole, and who knows what they will get up to!
John's self-portrait 2013 Pencil drawing scanned from A4 sketchbook
The Blue Cobra Viewed from the Design Centre
Douro House Looking up Douro Terrace
Roker beach Looking over to the pier
Cheryl Cole Fairly bland pencil sketch
Liverpool The swirling amounts to not a lot more than a cheap digital trick. Still, I quite like it.
Boris Johnson A step too far|?
A custodial speeding ticket Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce in the context of Southwark Crown Court
Michael Portillo Michael Portillo sitting on a train, with Bradshaw's Guide
Equibovine This hybrid species has been bred to provide a legitimate equibovine burger meat source (and I don't mean 'sauce')
Graham Norton and Matt Lucas Appeared on the Graham Norton Show 15 Feb 2013

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